Pupil-led learning

Last week for homework P7C were asked to create their own activity that would allow their classmates to practise their multiplication skills. Today we were able to test them all out. A lot of work went into the activities; the pupils were challenged, engaged and motivated. A task well done, kiddies.

(Sorry for the lack of activity on the blog recently. It’s been very busy in P7 but we’ll get more photos up soon.)

P7 Enterprise

As part of the Sciennes Winter Fair, Primary 7 are taking part in an enterprise project. Working in teams, the kiddies have come up with ideas for their stalls and are working towards making lots of profit. So far, their plans are coming together and it is great to see how invested they have become in making it a success.

Here is a little preview of what you can expect to find on Saturday…

Guess the Address

For 50p, you can ‘Guess the Address’ of this delicious handmade gingerbread house. The kids will start accepting guesses from tomorrow and will announce the winner on the day.

Adopt a Teddy

Thank you so much for all of your donations; the kids were so delighted with the response. For 50p you can take your chances with the tombola for your chance to adopt one of these beautiful teddies in need of a new home. Some even come with their very own friendship bracelet, handmade by the kids.

Candy Cane Fishing

Roll up! Roll up! For only 50p a go you can come and try your hand at some candy cane fishing. Like Hook a Duck with a difference! Among the little festive ducks are some festive ducks bringing prizes, but which ones?

We’ll be based in Room 13 on the day. We look forward to seeing you all then.

Love, P7C x

🌈 Exploring water density

P7 worked in mixed class groups on Thursday afternoon to investigate properties of water. A third of the year group investigated water density by trying to layer the water to create a rainbow in a jar. After a little trial and error the pupils got the hang of it. We thought they looked fab.

Nice work, P7s.

P6C Final Buddy Time

Primary 6 welcomed their primary 3 buddies into the classroom this afternoon, for their last Buddy time. They helped their buddies research different animals and the got to play with them afterwards. Primary 6 have loved having buddies and have learnt a lot from this experience.

P6A’s Tapas Extravaganza

As if the excitement of Sports Day wasn’t enough, P6A spent the rest of the day making Spanish tapas. In groups, the pupils selected their recipes, identified the ingredients they would need, made a plan of action for the day, translated their recipes into Spanish, and then today they made their dishes.

Although we had help (thank you SO much to the parents who were able to come in and help out), the pupils did much of the work by themselves. The read the recipes, measured the ingredients, timed the different stages and worked collaboratively. It may look a little chaotic, but isn’t that what all kitchens look like?! 😄

The groups and their finished dishes (which were all guzzled up in record time!)

Well done, niños!

Celebrating a successful year with Children’s Parliament

A couple of weeks ago, Jennifer, Rory and Haris celebrated the end of a very successful year as part of the Children’s Parliament. Over the course of 8 months, the trio worked alongside Children’s Parliament staff and pupils from across the city to support the What Kind of Edinburgh project, which aims to influence the decisions made by the adults who plan and run the city’s services. The final get together was a chance to celebrate all of the hard work that has gone into the project and to say a fond farewell to pupils and staff that they were working with. It was lovely to see how confident the pupils were in sharing their ideas; it was inspiring listening to their opinions and views on how they feel children should be treated.

Congratulations Jennifer, Rory and Haris- your teachers and classmates are all very proud of you.

Exploding Volcanoes in P6A

A few weeks ago, P6A took charge of the learning by working collaboratively to research, design and construct exploding volcanoes. They chose their own materials and which substances they wanted to use to create an eruption, and did so with good success. Afterwards, the pupils thought about what went well and what they would change if they were able to.

Nice work, P6A!