P2 Victorian School

As part of our Victorian project, all the Primary 2’s went on a visit to The Victorian School Room located within the school grounds of Leith Primary School. We got to dress up in the school uniform of the time and then we were led into the classroom to experience what life was like as a school child over 120 years ago.  A couple of adult volunteers were dressed up as  Victorian teachers and then led the class. We had to all sit in rows with the girls being separated from the boys. We did a variety of lessons which included maths drill, some reading and a drawing lesson. We also learned all about some of the punishments that were used in schools at that time. A few of us were even “naughty” enough to get the belt or have to sit on the cutty stool. It was a fantastic trip and we learned lots, however we all decided that school life in 2014 was much better and we definitely preferred our teachers.

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