Learning to write an adventure story

We are learning all about the features of adventures stories in preparation for writing our own, after the February break.

Today we looked at how to structure an adventure story by looking at ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Brown.

We began by looking at the first half of the story, picking out the setting and characters . We realised adventure stories often have a dilemma or problem that needs to be solved. We created a ‘dilemma alley’ to understand how the character might be feeling.

We also imagined one of the main characters was being interviewed by the police and used ‘hot seating’ to think about how they would be reacting and feeling.

We then looked at the second half of the story, noticing a lot of interesting clues in the pictures!

Finally, we worked in groups to create a set of 3 freeze frames predicting what we think happened to the boy when he went through the tunnel. I was really impressed with the creativity and great team work skills shown by the children

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