Please check your reading for this Week Beginning 24.4.20

P7A- updated for Week 4

Lions – War Horse – read up to pg 79 to chapter 12

Stormbreakers – Darkside – read up to chapter 7 to chapter 9

The Seekers –  Five Children – read up to chapter 9 to chapter 11

Shadowmancers – read up to page 150


P7B – updated for Week  6 11/05/2020

Please read Chapters 16-18 inclusive.


P7C- updated for Week 4

Ravenclaw- Skellig – pg 113-end

Hufflepuff- Wildsong- pg 148-end

Slytherin- Knightly & Son- pg 147-205

Gryffindor- Pippi Longstocking pg 130-166


Please complete the assigned reading set for you by your teacher. When you have finished, complete the Reading Detectives task outlined on the grid then continue to read a book of your choice at your leisure.