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Hello Primary 7,

We hope that you had a productive first week back after the holiday.  Thank you so much for getting yourself onto Teams and for having a go at the quiz.  We still have a few people to get their account details and then we will all be good to go.

To help you to look over your Week 3 tasks, Ms McGrouther, Mr Mitchell and I have each completed one of the tasks from last week.   These examples will give you an idea of what we were looking for, and what a completed task might look like.

If you’re finding anything tricky or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You have our emails on your paper copies of the learning grids and if you have your outlook account now, you can ask questions on Teams.  It has been lovely to see you helping each other as well as us answering your questions.

Your teacher will also set a new challenge for you on Sumdog.

Keep looking out for interesting topics to learn about on the BBC who are offering daily lessons in different subject areas.  We have set 2 of the BBC Bitesize tasks on the learning grids for this week.

You will be assigned 2 of the tasks from the grid on Teams this week and we will give you feedback on these when you hand them in.  If you aren’t yet on Teams, the information is also on the grid on the blog and you can email them to us.

Stay lovely!

-Ms French

World War II themed 24 hour clock problems

WW2 24 hr clock pg 1

WW2 24 hr clock pg 2



Health and Wellbeing Exercise Task

Activity Plan

Benefits of exercise



anderson shelter creative piece